Monday, July 1, 2013

Twisty Hair Summer Trend

I've noticed recently that something that is catching on in different ways than before is twisting your hair! Finding different ways to twist your hair and make it look cool is actually pretty easy. I used to wear a style where I twisted strands on both sides and pinned them in the back, then I pinned the rest of the hair left hanging in the back on top if it. Sounds simple, right? It's a cool way to add just a little something to your beauty look for any occasion.

Solange Knowles has recently been working a style called havana twists, and although I can't tell you how to do this or how easy/difficult it is I can tell you that it's chic and cool. However, if you would like to learn how there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube. Just go and search "havana twists" and I'm sure you will be able to find something that way. If this was the texture of hair that I had I would do this in a heartbeat, because I am absolutely in love with how this looks. On top of her awesome hair look at those perfect red lips. I just... I can't. Too beautiful.

Miley Cyrus tried out a new way to work her short haircut at the Myspace relaunch party using twists underneath the long layers. From what it looks like all that was done was twisting the last half inch or so of the long layers upward towards the rest of the hair on both sides and putting a small rubberband in the back to connect the two and hold it together. I would imagine a lot of hairspray/product was needed to make the twist look and stay looking this sleek, but it's worth it because it's so fresh and cute. Miley gets too much crap!

Khloe Kardashian Odem also recently showed off her version of a twisted style, though hers seems the most simple of them all it's still adorable and obviously totally doable. It looks like all she did was twist the first inch or so of her hair back on the side that most of her hair is on (if you have side bangs just do it with your bangs) and then she took a strand and wrapped it around the twist tightly to give it a different look. I could be wrong because I haven't tried this yet, but I'll get back to you. Don't forget hairspray and pins to hold!

What do you think of these looks? Would you try them? Which ones? Do you want to see my version of a twisted look? Maybe a tutorial? Let me know! xx

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