Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bump Fashion: Kate Middleton

Although I am from America, I thought I would celebrate William and Kate's little prince being welcomed into the world by making a post dedicated to the Duchess of Cambridge and her classic maternity style. Although most of the things she wears are pretty out of reach for most us (Come on, she's married to a prince!) it's still nice to fantasize about and lust over some of the pieces she wore while she was preggers.

Kate knows how to dress it up and dress it down in a classy way even with a baby bump poking out. Although I did notice even after she came out with the pregnancy that she kept holding her hands in front of her belly like she was blocking it. I wonder why, because I love showing off my belly. It's a baby after all, not extra pounds that you're putting on for fun. However, one thing I did hate that she did a lot (photos not included) were those horrible hats that she kept wearing. I know it's a trend for the royals, but no. Yes, I know that in the last photo she's post-baby, but she's so cute and bump-y still.

What were some of your favorite Kate Middleton looks from the pregnancy? What other celebrities do you think I should feature before I have my baby? What other looks didn't you like from her pregnancy? Isn't the little prince just so adorable?

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