Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fashion Resources That Aren't Blogs

Those of us who are super obsessed with fashion and beauty (and let's be honest, if you're actually reading this I know that's you!) need more than our daily blog fix to get our fill for the day. While the content on blogs are helpful, personal, and just as interesting as any professional outlet, sometimes we just want more. If you have a blog of your own it can get old trying to find inspiration and information from other bloggers and you can feel like you're regurgitating the same information over and over again to your readers that they've probably read from another blog. That's where these can come in handy, to help you come up with original content that other bloggers may not have thought of. Here are the top five that I use on a regular basis to get inspiration for looks and posts.

1. Magazines and their websites: This one may be obvious to most of you, but you would be surprised how many people don't read actual print magazines anymore. I personally love to have magazines. It comes in handy when you see something you really love because you can just grab a pair of scissors and cut it out. What I usually do is cut out the stuff I love and put it into my inspiration book (Do you guys want a DIY tutorial for it? You'll love it!) which I look at sometimes just to get ideas for posts, outfits, etc. But as helpful as magazines are there is more content on websites for your favorite magazines that weren't printed. You know you will like their content because you read the magazine, so go ahead and check it out. Chances are you won't be disappointed if you like the magazine.

2. Pinterest and other social networks: When you search the right words, follow the right people, and like the right things, social media networks can be so helpful in getting information on fashion. On Pinterest, for example, if you follow the fashionistas that you love I guarantee that they pin stuff that they don't blog about. It's just something extra on the side. Tumblr can be helpful, too, as well as Facebook and Twitter. You just have to make sure you follow the right people and brands for you! It can be a challenge, but once you have it figured out it's incredibly helpful.

3. and other websites: Finding websites that share good fashion content is a lot easier than you think. You can find decent websites through other websites, from Googling what you're interested in regarding fashion and beauty, and through links people post to social media. Two of my favorite fashion websites are and Fashionising. I often save photos from both websites and I have a account to save images on the internet which is convenient in the instances you don't get to carry your laptop with you or if you use a desktop.

4. I realize that Lookbook could go under websites or social networks, but it's such an original and helpful resource I thought it deserved a category all on it's own. Even if you don't make an account it can come in a lot of handy. Basically, if you don't know what this site is, it's a place for fashionistas to post pictures of their own outfits that they styled themselves. You can make an account to share your own outfits and like other people's content, or you could just make a Lookbook inspiration folder on your computer to save your favorite looks into (but make sure you don't save and reupload any of the images without crediting the right source).

5. Email newsletters from your favorite brands/shops: Most of your favorite clothing shops, brands, websites, magazines, etc. have email newsletters you can sign up for to get updates directly from them. This can be helpful to keep you up to date on the latest trends and the newest items in your favorite stores as well as keeping a lookout for sales! And we all know sales are the best way to get our style fix without killing our wallets.

How do you keep up with style, fashion, and beauty other than your favlrite blogs? Do you have anything to add? Any favorite websites that you would love to share? Any tips? Let me know!

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