Saturday, July 20, 2013

10 Ways to Feel Better About Yourself

People these days definitely have problems with self confidence. With constant pressure to live up to impossible standards of beauty, fitness, and style it's difficult to actually feel good about ourselves. And everyone deserves to be happy with who they are are the inside and the outside, even if we aren't stick thin, even if we don't have perfectly clear skin, and yes even if we have insanely frizzy "humidity hair," as I like to call it. So, here are a few easy ways for us to feel better about ourselves without altering our appearance. They work for me and hopefully they'll work for you, too, if you need them to.
  1. Stop telling yourself that there's something wrong with the way that you look. There's no reason to be looking in the mirror every day and telling yourself that you're fat, that you're ugly, that your skin isn't clear enough, that your hair isn't straight enough, that you don't have the right curves in the right places, or anything else negative. When you tell yourself those things it just reinforces them, so even if it's hard you need to try to cut out the negative thoughts.
  2. Stop worrying so much about being seen without makeup. You're beautiful even without your face on, girl. After I started participating in makeup-free Mondays I started feeling a lot better about people seeing me without makeup in public again. People don't really care as much as you think they do about the way that you look, and if you stop obsessing over it then you'll feel a lot better about those times you have to rush out of your apartment without any makeup on and without your hair fixed
  3. Share your insecurities with someone. Even if you feel like they're going to laugh at you, even if they do, it will help a lot just to get those thoughts out of your body and into the air. What's they're out and someone tells you that you're beautiful anyways or that they don't see that problem it's easier to feel better about yourself. I shared some insecurities of mine in my makeup-free Monday post.
  4. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. That includes your friends, your sisters, random girls you're friends with on Facebook, and even celebrities. You're not them and you're never going to be, so you should start focusing on yourself. They aren't going to be you either, after all.
  5. Start eating right and exercising regularly. I know this probably sounds ridiculous coming from me, because I'm 20 weeks pregnant and getting big and I can't really do that much to work out, but I do indeed do yoga and I've been eating better than I ever have before even though it's really hard. Just don't starve yourself, make healthy choices, and come up with a workout plan that works for you. It'll make you a lot happier to be healthier.
  6. Be present in the moment. That means don't be dwelling on things that you've done or things that happened to you in the past as well as don't be constantly stressing yourself out about what is going to happen in the future. It's important to be happy with who we are right now more than who we used to be and who we are becoming.
  7. Follow a beauty routine in the morning and evening. It's definitely an accomplishing feeling when you get done with everything you need to do before you go to bed or after you wake up. Though I've changed it a little since I made the post at the beginning of the month, I follow a very strict nightly routine before I go to sleep and I wake up every morning feeling happier about myself than I did before I  started doing it when i fell asleep every night with makeup on watching TV with my sister or boyfriend.
  8. Cut negative people out of your life. If you don't live up to someone's standards for how you should be then you don't need them. If they're constantly making rude comments, laughing at you, or adding any negativity into your life then tell them that they need to change it. If they still don't then you probably shouldn't be spending time with them right now. It should be important to your loved ones that you're happy, and happy with yourself.
  9. Don't dress for other people. I know we've all been through that phase where we strictly follow trends or we dress how all the girls at school dress, but that may not be how we're most comfortable looking. It's important for self-esteem to develop your own personal style and disregard the standards of others. If people don't like you for who you are no matter how you dress then you should just number eight them.
  10. Do the things that make you happy. We shouldn't be brought down by doing things we don't love doing. Just stick to what makes you happy, it'll make you a lot happier!
What are some things that you do to be happy in your own skin? Do you consider yourself insecure or self confident? Let me know what you're thinking.


  1. Hey girl. So agree with #8. I actually think that brings you down in so many ways, and it's "catching". I also think feeling secure/happy with yourself comes with age. I am sooo ok with myself now than in my teens/twenties. Hell, I started a blog! Haha! Keep up the positive messages that you promote.

  2. Love this positive post, and definitely agree with your tips :)

  3. Love this post. Good insight and info!

  4. Such a great post. My favorite way to feel better about myself is looking in the mirror and saying "You look awesome and you will be awesome today." Kind of cheesy but it makes me feel better about myself.

    Sex w. Candy

    1. Basically everything to do to make yourself feel better is cheesy, haha.


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