Friday, July 26, 2013

Black & White Stripes for Fall

As usual here I am sharing more stuff from ASOS. I seriously can't help it, you guys! I'm obsessed. They're affordable and adorable. Not to mention it's like they can sense the things that I love. For example this year I'm obsessed with black and white stripes for the fall and what does ASOS maternity have? Some totally amazing black and white striped pieces that I would wear in the fall. Thank the lawd for ASOS maternity, I would look so ridiculous during the pregnancy without it. But this isn't just a maternity trend guys, so this goes for all of you! Even if you aren't a mommy-to-be like I am.

The black and white striped mini dress would be awesome with a denim or a leather jacket, some bunched up socks, and a pair of combat boots (I have about three pairs). I may even put on a beanie or another little hat with it along with a million little midi rings and layered bracelets. As for the leggings, I would probably style it very similar to how it is in that picture. I would wear some heels, and a black tee shirt. If I needed it I would layer a big cardigan with a denim jacket. The shirt is so versatile I have a million ideas for it! Probably to start off some jeans, some flats or boots, and a colorful blazer or cardigan. Lastly the trousers, which might I add are my absolute favorite pick, I would pair with a button up like this also or maybe a white tank with a red or blue blazer along with some black flats that had something special going on. Pair that with a big statement necklace and you got yourself a dang classy outfit!

What do you guys think? Is this trend outdated or are you still into it? Do you like to make it look classic or more Beetlejuice than that? How would you style these pieces? What are some of your favorite black and white striped pieces?


  1. I'm in love with black and white pieces too nowadays!

    1. They're such a simple thing, but they add so much edge to your wardrobe.


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