Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I'm Dreaming of Miu Miu Cat-Eye Glasses

Recently I have been looking all over the place for affordable cat-eye frames that I just absolutely love. I've seen some of my favorite bloggers wearing them for some time now and for some reason I never thought to buy any for myself, probably self esteem. I finally started to look though starting with Etsy, but I haven't been very successful. Of course when I fall in love it would be with something totally out of my price range! The S/S '13 Miu Miu cat eye glasses are so amazing I can't even stand it. I love the vintage feel with a modern twist that these glasses have. They look so classic, but they definitely wouldn't be put on a stuffy librarian. Not to say the quirky librarian look isn't incredibly dap.

Hopefully I will be able to find some frames that are similar to these that are in my price range, because mostly all I can find have little rhinestones embedded in them and that's just not the look that I'm going for in wanting these glasses at all. I want something classy, elegant and sleek! Something that is a timeless mix of vintage and modern! Something that I can pair with anything! Miu Miu just pulls off what I want perfectly and I'm so bummed that I can't afford either of these. Then again, Miu Miu is pretty fantastic... have you seen the coats from Autumn/Winter 2013? Love them!

What kind of glasses do you wear? What kind of glasses do you want to wear? Do you know any places wear I could find cat-eye frames similar to these? If you clicked the Miu Miu A/W '13 link what did you think of the collection?

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  1. I was just going through your blog and love your writing style! And then I saw this post. I adore the Miu Miu cat eye frames too! I think their frames are gorgeous and generally fit small faces (yay for me!) Haha xxxx


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