Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Studded Boots from Buckle

As some of you may already know I went out of town for a tiny shopping trip with my sister, her best friend, and my boyfriend on Saturday! The only things that I came home with was a new shade of Stila lipstick, makeup brush cleaner (review coming soon!), and these amazing boots that I absolutely love from Buckle. I have been looking all over the place for unique, brown boots that were decently priced and when I saw these were only about $40 and they definitely came in my size, because my size was on display, I literally couldn't resist. They're going to be so amazing in the fall, though there isn't too many things I have right this second to pair with them. I'm not even sure I like this color of jeans with them.

Here is the front and back view pictures of them on me. I love that they're part rocker, part bohemian and part dainty because the studs are so tiny. There are so many things that I have envisioned for these little beauties. If you'd like to buy a pair of your own or just check out the other boots from Buckle they're called the Twisted Trooper Boot, I got mine in brown, and there is a Buckle website with very reasonable shipping and it's one of those stores that isn't outrageously expensive, but you can still find some awesome stuff there.

Do you like my boots? What would you pair them with? Do you like wearing army/combat boots or are you more of a girly girl? Or do you like to mix up the girly and the tomboy like I do? I would love to hear any sort of opinion or advice you have regarding the shoes.


  1. Lovely boots. I would definitely wear it with a dress, cardigan and tights.
    I like how they added the studs to the heel as well. It made them special even viewing from the back.

    Take care,


  2. I love them! I agree with Mirna in wearing them with a dress, cardigan, and tights, but I'd also go for jeans and a tshirt. Such versatile boots! I seriously love them.

  3. Great minds think alike - I literally just did a blog post about my studded boots that are nearly identical to yours!! I've had mine for awhile and you will absolutely love them. I was stumped too on how to make them work in the summertime, so I paired my boots with a b&w muscle tee and leggings. When it was colder, I wore them a lot with dresses and tights for an edgier look.

    Happy styling! :)

    1. I love them already. I wore them with some shorts and socks the other day to go thrift shopping with my boyfriend. xx

  4. Boots love!


  5. These boots are amazing!!!

    1. Thanks, I loved them, too. They were such a steal.


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