Monday, July 15, 2013

HATCH: Maternity Dreams

It seems that all of the maternity clothes that I come across that I really, really love are incredibly expensive and completely out of my price range and it's honestly depressing because I have an urge to buy all of it. One day my boyfriend is going to come home to me hormonally sobbing over maternity clothes that I can't afford and he will laugh at me. But honestly, why do women spend so much money on clothes that they're only going to wear for a few months?! Unless you're loaded with spare cash I personally think that it's ridiculous to do that. But then again this is coming from the girl who can still put on some of her size zero jeans at nearly 20 weeks (I'm a lucky woman). This brand that I just found via an interview with model Lily Aldridge is so amazing, but really pricey for me personally. It's called HATCH and it's absolutely to die for!

The first dress, the Slouch Dress in Poppy, is $198 which isn't too bad for some people, but for my budget it's really not all that reasonable for a casual dress that I could only wear until September and then never again in my life. I would wear this one to lunches with my pregnant best friend (that's what I call her because we both got pregnant at the same time and it bonded us) or to visit with my best friend for a shopping day after she goes off to school. It's something that could easily be dressed up or down for pretty much any occasion though, so it's versatile and if I had a little more money I would definitely buy it.

Though I love the entire outfit in the second picture I saved it for the cape. I could probably wear this thing pretty deep into fall here, all the way up until mid November if I'm really lucky before it would get terribly too cold. Why don't I buy it then? It's $318 for a cape specifically made for a pregnant woman. I make myself sound so cheap, and I'm really not because when I really love something I will save the money to buy it, but maternity clothes are just sadly outrageous.

I personally believe that the third image of the burnt coral Dinner Party Dress is the most reasonably priced. It is only $298 for a special occasion dress that I could wear to my baby shower, my friend's baby shower (that I could possibly be planning), a wedding, a fancy party, or anything else that I needed to really. It's pretty and flowy and probably incredibly comfortable I would image and when you're about to pop that's an important thing to look for when buying clothes. Out of any of these if I was going to splurge I would definitely get this one, probably in burnt coral but I would also consider the other colors because I'm a sucker for broadening my horizons color-wise.

Finally the button down in navy silk is something I think I could pull off for a long time. If I bought a decent jacket to go over it I could probably pull it off for the rest of the pregnancy, as a matter of fact. However, I would never in a million years be able to pay $248 for a maternity button down. Couldn't I buy a car for that much? (Just kidding guys! I'll stop making myself seem so stupid now.) I would pair it with a light wash jean and some dark shoes and it would be season-less, in my opinion. I really love it though. Oh, how I wish I was rich.

Don't you guys wish you had the money to buy all of the beautiful things that you find? I would have bought so many things for me and baby so far! Do you like my maternity style finds? Don't they kind of make you wish you had a bump? Just a little bit? Do you know of any cheap maternity stores that don't sell horrifying clothes? Help a sister, out! By the way, today I'm finding out the gender of the little! I'm beyond excited!

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