Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm Obsessed with 60s Mod

I love everything about the sixties right now! The makeup, the hair, the fashion. I suppose it all started with my new obsession with pixie cuts. I have been thinking about getting a pixie cut for quite some time, but decided that right after I have the baby would be the perfect time to finally take the leap and get one because it's the perfect mixture of cute, classic, edgy, and mature. A new look for the new step in my life! Anyways, while researching pixie cuts I rediscovered my love for Twiggy which led me to looking at photographs of mod 60s fashion and beauty photographs.

I'll start off by talking about the hair in the 60s mod movement. There were two looks that were most popular that I just absolutely adore. The blunt, straight across fringe and the pixie cut. As we all know I've recently cut off my bangs to be straight across (although they've grown out a lot and don't look nearly as good as they did, and I'm not sure I'm going to trim them) so this is a really easy look for me to do. Mine aren't as thick and blunt as they style that was popular. Think Zooey Deschanel if you're trying to come up with someone modern who has that style. Then the pixie cut, well we obviously know I'm in love with that style because I'm going to get one... eventually. I'm actually beyond tempted to get one now, but I'm nervous to do it while pregnant.

As for the makeup, let's just take a look at Twiggy here. The eyes are bold, bold, bold, and that works for me because I have very blue eyes. Basically high, bold brows, long lashes, cateye liner, and a nude lip is 60s mod makeup. Not to say there aren't different variations, this is just the most common. I've seen girls do some amazing things with painting lashes on, lip colors, and other things. If you just Google or Tumblr search 60s Mod Makeup you'll find a lot of cool stuff to inspire you like I have. I've saved about a million things in my inspiration folder.

Finally the style is my absolute favorite part! It's polished, edgy, and cute all at the same time. Everything is bolder than it ever has been. The eye frames are bold, the clothes are more structured, there are a million types of adorable hats to choose from. I'm planning on buying a lot more skirts and blouses for baby that are 60s mod inspired. You guys will see.

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  1. I love Twiggy's bottom lashes style but I've never tried it out myself...I should tho, it'd be really fun xx

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