Saturday, August 3, 2013

August Wishes 2013

I assume you guys have just been sitting around waiting for me to make another post about stuff that I want from ASOS, right? Well half of this stuff is from there, though I did go a bit outside the box this time. Here are the top six things that I want to get this month. I'm finally stocking up on fall clothes, because I just can't control myself anymore. Seriously.

1. Maternity Body-Con Dress in Blue $17.82: I want this dress so, so bad. The bad news? It doesn't come in my size in the color that I want. I'll hopefully be getting it in black, but I want it in blue so badly. I will literally buy it off of someone! I love it that much. I could do so much with it, it's not too plain, but it's still a safe dress that I could pretty much pair with anything that I want. Not to mention I adore that shade of blue... on other people.

2. Monki Lightweight Parka Jacket $76.37: Yeah, I know I put a parka on my last wishlist. But I didn't buy it and I actually like this one a lot more. It seems a lot more versatile because of the fit and the style of it. It's not too grungy and it can still be styled with more classic pieces. I'll never be able to get it though. Or any of them for that matter.

3. Pink Lips iPhone 4/4S Case $12.95: Okay, you caught me. I'm currently obsessed with cute phone cases like that. I guess that's why my iPhone is cracked really badly on both the front and the back. I just love when my phone case is just as cute and stylish as my wardrobe is, you know? Sometimes I convince myself to put on a protective phone case, though. I've actually had one on my phone for a week or so now.

4. Lennon Slipper Shoes $33.94: I am obsessed with the ASOS color "oxblood" right now! Also, these shoes just so happen to have Lennon in the name and I've loved John Lennon ever since I was a little girl. And my boyfriend is obsessed with the Beatles. But the real reason I should get these shoes is because they're versatile. They could be casual, dressy, grungy, classic, or basically whatever I want them to be. I could wear them with so many different things. Basically I'm in.

5. Over-the-knee Socks $12.95: I'm obviously not dying to have this specific pair of socks. They're just knit socks, there's nothing special about them. But I do want socks like these that I can pull up over my knee or bunch up at the top of boots for the fall. Preferably in gray because that's what would go with most of my clothes and shoes best. I do really like these though and if I had money to just toss around I would definitely get them. I bet they're really warm and comfy for those chilly days that you want to wear a skirt or shorts.

6. Velvetines in Red Velvet $16.99: I have wanted this shade of this exact Lime Crime lipstick for a very, very long time now. I've had it saved in my phone with a reminder, but I still haven't gotten around to buying it. Maybe it's because of my thing about buying lipsticks in unfamiliar brands that are expensive. If it's disappointing I would be so pissed off, seriously. I want this so bad though so I'm definitely making it a goal for August. Keep your fingers crossed for me ladies! I have a lot to be buying this month!

So what are some of the things that you're looking forward to buying this month? What's on your shopping and to-do lists? Are any of these things something you'd be interested in buying? Are there any products you'd like for me to add to my shopping list for review? Any brands or stores you have for me to check out? Any tips? Let me know! I'm always curious about what my readers are thinking, using, and doing. You can also talk to me on twitter @debbieshapes.


  1. I love the maternity dress :)
    I saw a dress similar to that at the motherhood maternity store here. Not sure if they have that where you are. :)

    1. We do have one here, but it's in the crappy mall so they don't have many good things. You have to really go digging like you're at a thrift store or something haha.

  2. That is the cutest iPhone case!

    1. Oh my goodness, I know. I want it so bad. It isn't even expensive.


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