Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to Dress for Yourself

We have all been guilty of buying something or wearing something just because it was in style or our friends liked it. We naturally want the approval of others, but when it comes to your wardrobe you shouldn't be people pleasing. Fashion, after all, is a form of art that we should be able to express ourselves with. So here are some easy tips on how to dress for yourself and develop a totally original personal style.

1. Ignore everyone else's opinion. This is the number one rule when it comes to finding a personal style that is all yours. It shouldn't matter what they say in the magazines, it shouldn't matter what people say on their blogs, it shouldn't matter what your friends love and hate, because what is important is what you think about your wardrobe and yourself. That's the whole point of this! Dressing is something you should do for yourself, so it shouldn't matter to you if someone hates or loves what you have on as long as you love it.

2. Only buy it if you love it. This seems pretty obvious, but seriously I can't tell you how often I buy stuff just to buy stuff and what does that really do for me? Nothing. I mean sure I have more stuff, but it all ends up being something that I get sick of, that I don't use, or that really isn't that great at all. However, it really saves money and time if you just get the things you fall in love with. And if you're not sure if you love it or not, just leave and come back for it. If you're thinking about it the rest of the day you obviously love it.

3. Incorporate pieces that are important to you or your background. Wear that necklace that your mom bought you when you moved out of your house or those pearl earrings that used to belong to your grandmother or your uncle's watch. Or you could just gain inspiration from things like that, like the little elephant figurine your boyfriend bought you (or maybe that's just me), you could buy a necklace that looks similar to it. Look into your heritage and traditional fashion, gain inspiration from that!

4. Gain inspiration from everything that you love. For instance I love elephants and have a million little accessories with elephants on them. My favorite movie is Almost Famous, so I really love 70s fashion, the more polished side and the more hippie side both. You can gain inspiration from music, from art, from magazines, from bloggers, and just about anything that you love! Your style should be a combination of everything that you love.

5. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Last but not least, you shouldn't be afraid to mess up from time to time! Everyone has those outfits that they loved when they wore, but they look back and think "What the hell was I thinking?!" Don't be afraid to get laughed at, get stared at, or have photos taken of you!

Do you consider yourself fearless with your style or are you more reserved because you're scared of the feedback you'll hear? Do you dress for yourself or for others? Do you think you could dress more for yourself than you do right now? Are you guilty of picking out clothes based on someone else's opinion? I love hearing from you guys <3


  1. Great post! Its good to be reminded of who you do things for and this doesn't only apply to dressing but to the things you do in life in general.


  2. I love this. Too true- especially ignoring everyone else's opinion. There have been too many times I've changed out of something b/c I was afraid of what people would think. Silly, b/c I knew I loved it.

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