Sunday, June 30, 2013

ASOS Maternity

I recently discovered that ASOS, a shop that I sort of shopped at pre-pregnancy, has a maternity shop! So I've been browsing around the maternity shop online and finding that there are a lot of things that I would wear for a lot of different occasions. Check out the shop for yourself, but here are just a few of my favorites and some scenarios that you could wear them in.

These are some pieces I would wear just lounging around, going to the doctor, or running errands (i.e. the grocery store, the bank, the dmv, etc). Of course tee shirts and leggings are essentials for every pregnant woman. They fit the whole time and they're comfortable the whole time! Not to mention you can totally wear this stuff to the hospital for the big day. I ordered the first two today. You'll be seeing pictures as soon as I feel it's fit.

Casual Cool
These are closer to my everyday wear than anything else. Or pre-pregnancy everyday wear, that is. There's nothing wrong with looking cute and dressing the way you normally would dress while you're pregnant! The important thing is that you're happy in your skin. I would wear these to go hang out with friends, to go shopping, and to go out on casual dates with my boyfriend.

Casual Classy
These are the pieces that I personally would wear out to lunch with the family, or my boyfriend's family. I wouldn't be comfortable wearing these every single day because they just aren't my style that way and I would feel weirdly overdressed. I would work it for job hunting or interviews, family events, photo events, etc. though.  I'd just pair them with a pair of nice jeans and be done with it.

I actually just ordered a pair of these! I was having to wear my jeans around unbuttoned because I don't have a belly band in yet. Needless to say it is kind of embarrassing! I'm working on gradually building up the amount of maternity jeans I have, though I'll probably only get 3-5 pairs for the entire pregnancy. Why? Because I'm only going to be pregnant for about twenty more weeks. They're a necessity though, because you can wear jeans with basically anything.


Special Occasion
I'm not sure about everyone, but I know I will at least need one special occasion dress during my maternity clothing wearing days. These can come in handy for your baby shower, for a friend's shower, for a wedding, for a funeral, etc. We need to look dressed up from time to time even if there's a bun cooking in our puffy little ovens.

What do you guys think? Do you like ASOS? Do you like my picks? What else would you have added to this? Let me know! xx

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